2016 – NI Year of Food & Drink: The NI Cookbook

2016 – NI Year of Food & Drink: The NI Cookbook

Earlier in the year I attended an event at St Georges Market promoting NI producers, both food and drink, I met James McIntosh – a local chap doing fantastically well as an ambassador for Aga cookers and by all accounts, big in China as a TV chef. James spoke at length about his love for what we have here in the province and he quite clearly has a passion for it.

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2016 is to be the, “Northern Ireland year of food and drink,” promoting what we have here in NI both to locals and people abroad, we could and should try to become a destination holiday for foodies, why the hell not, look at what we have!

James McIntosh is putting together the NI Cookbook where local farmers, artisan producers, brewers, distillers, fishermen, butchers and the rest of the field (so to speak), can share their stories, have a light shone on their creations – both to be marketed at home and abroad.

The Year of Food and Drink is something I will hopefully be writing about a lot over the coming year, and I expect I’ll spend a lot of that time reminding people of the ‘Drink’ element of this…

Hopefully the local producers will come out of the year a league beyond that which they started in, already local success stories are getting traction elsewhere, Hannon’s Meats, Keen Nut Butter, Finnebrogue Venison, Hilden Brewery, Ruby Blue Liqueur to name but a few – who knows what brand leaders we’ll be talking about next December, but initiatives like McIntosh’s should contribute to that list being longer and longer.

Hooray for NI!

Local Food Producers and Farmers Invited to Feature in Cookbook Celebrating Best of NI Produce

In 2016, foodies from across the globe will flock to Northern Ireland to celebrate the Year of Food and Drink, putting the talents and products of local artisan producers, farmers and fishermen under the spotlight for the world to see.

To celebrate the landmark event, Gourmand world award-winning food writer, James McIntosh, is urging local producers and farmers to submit their favourite stories for inclusion in his lavish ‘coffee table’ book, which will highlight quality food and drink producers from across the province.

The NI Cookbook will also feature exclusive interviews with Northern Ireland’s diaspora: the men and women who now work in far flung corners of the world, but still dream of the tastes of their homeland.

“It’s an exciting project,” says James McIntosh “and we’ve already started by writing about the incredible story of Lough Neagh eels, and Leggygowan goat’s cheese of Saintfield.”

“The whole book is about storytelling. Food is the story of people on a plate and each plate has a story which benefits a community and nourishes a family.

“With my book about the best in artisan food and drink from Northern Ireland, I want to tell the story of all the small producers who make the taste of Northern Ireland so unique”.

Previous titles from McIntosh include ‘Food on the Silk Road‘, produced in conjunction with a TV series in China, as well as numerous titles about using an AGA cooker.

McIntosh was brought up on a farm in Tandragee, Co. Armagh, where he started a lifelong obsession with Northern Irish foods.

Food and drink producers are invited to contact James on his website at www.nicookbook.com  Appearance in the book is free. James McIntosh Publishing will manage the photography, writing and publishing at no cost to participating food and drink producers.

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