From severance, to returning – the SDLP payouts.

Following the 2016 Assembly Election, SDLP members John Dallat (who stood down), and Dolores Kelly (who lost her seat), received severance packages from the NI Assembly – public money – as is normal in such circumstances.

It has been reported that the following sums were paid out following their no-longer being MLAs:

John Dallat £50,784

Dolores Kelly £65,792

Quite a sum for being out of Stormont for just 302 days.

For John Dallat, that works out at the equivalent of nearly £1200 per week, for Ms. Kelly, it’s over £1500 a week.

The candidates may well seek to give the money back, if such a mechanism is permitted…

I believe that both representatives have been critical in the past when RUC officers were able to retire, and receive a payoff, only to reapply, and join, the PSNI.

One trusts that the newly (re)elected MLAs will act in accordance with their principles in accordance with this issue.

Or perhaps John and Dolores can just make the payments directly to Alex Attwood and Richie McPhillips, and save the NI Assembly having to make a second wave of payouts to outgoing SDLP MLAs in the same year.


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